All our vintage tea sets, cake stands and cutlery are individually chosen for their charm and classic vintage style. We are always expanding our collections with new styles to share with you. 

Tea Set for 6 – £20

Set includes: 1 Tea Pot, 1 Cake Stand or Plate, 1 Cake Slice, 1 Milk Jug, 1 Sugar Bowl, 6 Cups and saucers, 6 Side Plates, 6 Tea Spoons, 6 Cake Forks, 2 Butter Knives. 

Tea Set for 12 – £35

Set includes: 2 Tea Pots, 2 Cake Stands or Plates, 2 Cake Slices, 2 Milk Jugs, 2 Sugar Bowls, 12 Cups and saucers, 12 Side Plates, 12 Tea Spoons, 12 Cake Forks, 4 Butter Knives.

Tea Set for 18 – £50

Set includes: 3 Tea Pots, 3 Cake Stands or Plates, 3 Cake Slices, 3 Milk Jugs, 3 Sugar Bowls, 18 Cups and saucers, 18 Side Plates, 18 Tea Spoons, 18 Cake Forks, 6 Butter Knives.

Tea Set for 24 – £65

Set includes: 4 Tea Pots, 4 Cake Stands or Plates, 4 Cake Slices, 4 Milk Jugs, 4 Sugar Bowls, 24 Cups and saucers, 24 Side Plates, 24 Tea Spoons, 24 Cake Forks, 8 Butter Knives.

Waitress Service – Starting from £20

photo by Pixabay

Want to sit back and enjoy the party? Take advantage of our friendly, professional Waitering Service. Experienced staff will be flexible to your needs and make sure all your guests are looked after so you can enjoy your day.

All packages come as mixed set; we think this gives a party a unique and vintage atmosphere. However, contact us with any requests you may have and we are always happy to help.